Crews Control is WBE Certified

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Crews Control is certified as a WBE Contractor in the State of Pennsylvania with the Bureau of Minority & Women Business Opportunities.  License and certification numbers are available upon request. There are many benefits to partnering with a certified Woman Business Enterprise (WBE). Many times, it helps to meet supplier diversity requirements that may be in place at the local, state or national level.  It could also provide tax incentives and other benefits.  For many it just makes good business sense, because it shows your company’s interest in a more diverse work environment.  In addition, many smaller women owned businesses may offer you more flexibility and agility in comparison to larger suppliers, who often have unnecessary layers of management, which drives expenses up and profits down.

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Mission and Vision

The mission at Crews Control is to develop a strong working relationship with all of our clients based on mutual trust, coupled with the reliable / quality service we provide.  With a strong focus on crew safety, traffic control, training, job performance, and quality assurance, the vision for the future of Crews Control is very bright as we look to expand into additional sectors related to the flagging and construction industries.

Operations and Technology

In today’s environment of advanced technology and automation, Crews Control has at our disposal a custom scheduling and flagger management system that is the core of our operation. Using location services available via a mobile device, this solution ensures that your Crews Control team will be there for you every time, on time, to support your needs throughout the day.  It also ensures that our billing and accounting processes are operating at optimum levels.  Why is this important?  It provides our clients with peace of mind, so you can concentrate on running your business.  Our scheduling and management solution also contributes to our overall efficiency and our ability to keep our costs under control.

Our Reach (Coverage Area)

Crews Control currently operates in Central and Western Pennsylvania, as well as Eastern and Central Ohio and Northern West Virginia. If you have a project that is outside of our designated service area, however, please contact us. We are willing to talk about partnering with any company or organization that needs our flagging support and also aligns with our proven business model.


Boss extraordinaire, knows this industry and wants to make your next project a success.

Lauren DiGiammarino



The company is new, young, and aggressive, owned and operated by Lauren DiGiammarino, President. Lauren has close to 20 years of experience in the construction, heavy highway and paving industries, both on the road and in crew operations, scheduling and dispatch. She is an active member of the Constructors Association of Western PA (CAWP) and is originally from the Northwestern Pennsylvania area.

Currently, Crews Control maintains over 100 experienced and certified flaggers and upwards of 35 established clients.

With a heavy emphasis in operations, technology and customer service, Lauren expects to more than double the business in 2018.  She is preparing for continued expansion… both in geographic reach and market penetration.


According to OSHA, 1,000 people are killed in temporary traffic control work zones around the country every year, and 90 percent of those crashes are the direct result of driver error. At Crews Control, we take safety very seriously.  Our certified flaggers have all taken a course in traffic control safety. They observe and comply with all OSHA standards and requirements.  We stress the importance of focus, accountability, and keeping a watchful eye on traffic flow. Safety qualifications for our team include the ability to communicate specific instructions, the flexibility to maneuver quickly to avoid danger, the control of signaling devices to provide clear guidance, the understanding of safe traffic practices, and the presence of mind to recognize dangerous situations and warn others.