Trucking Services

We are in tune with industry trends and we listen carefully to our client’s challenges. In our discussions, we have come across many organizations in the aggregate, asphalt, and milling sectors that need access to on-call vehicles to meet hauling loads during peak periods. It just so happens we are happy to provide trucking solutions on demand.

As a matter of fact, Crews Control maintains a number of vehicles in our trucking division. Depending on availability and scheduling, our fleet includes everything from tri-axels to tankers. We can deliver the truck on site for your use, cleaned, fueled and ready to go -- and we can also provide an experienced driver, familiar with vehicle operations. What’s more, if you work with us on your trucking needs, you will be able to take advantage of our women-owned minority status, allowing you to meet the certain project requirements

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We listen closely to our clients’ challenges, and saw a need in the trucking industry for renting vehicles on an ‘as needed’ basis. And we are more than happy to offer our clients minority credits for their use.”
Lauren DiGiammarino
Crews Control, LLC

Need some on-demand vehicles?

Give us a call and see what we have available and if Crews Control may be a fit for your one-off trucking needs. Simply complete the contact form or give us a call in our home office.