According to OSHA, over 1,000 people are killed in temporary traffic control work zones around the country every year, and 90 percent of those crashes are the direct result of driver error. At Crews Control, we take safety very seriously. Our certified flaggers have all taken a course in traffic control safety. They observe and comply with all OSHA standards and requirements. We stress the importance of focus, accountability, and keeping a watchful eye on traffic flow.



Deaths in temporary traffic situations


Crashes are due to Driver Error


people die on U.S. roads each year *Reference
Safety Traffic Control

Safety Qualifications

Safety qualifications for our team include the ability to communicate specific instructions, the flexibility to maneuver quickly to avoid danger, the control of signaling devices to provide clear guidance, the understanding of safe traffic practices, and the presence of mind to recognize dangerous situations and warn others.

Safety Goals

Our safety goal at Crews Control is to set high expectations for our on the job performance so that we can maintain zero incidents for our flagging team. Our safety policies are in place to protect our clients, our flaggers, and all pedestrian traffic moving through the work zone. Our training program involves required OSHA training, weekly job talks and internal reminders.

COVID-19 Pandemic Requirements

A big part of our safety effort in 2020-2021 revolves around COVID-19 and the national pandemic. We make every effort to maintain social distancing, wear masks and protective gear as required, following all measures recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), OSHA and the Pennsylvania Department of Health. Our procedures include frequent machinery and cab cleaning, extending to all of the vehicles in the Crews Control fleet. We self-quarantine as recommended by the State of Pennsylvania when traveling to or from states of concern.

At our home office, we open windows and doors to encourage air flow and we maintain the recommended distance. Finally, we keep lines of communication open using our CROSS scheduling tool to help encourage COVID-19 safety precautions and well-being of our clients and their respective job sites.
COVID-19 Precautions