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There are many diverse industries that fall under the “utility” umbrella across our nation, considerable in scope, size, and responsibility. These utility companies have discovered the many advantages of engaging Crews Control to assist with traffic control and flagging for their scheduled and emergency work. These organizations comprise an important niche segment that often requires expert road safety. These jobs can range from a few hours to multiple days.

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At Crews Control, we work with our clients to solve problems when they crop up. We are great for utilities because we are flexible and willing to adapt to our customer’s needs on the fly, whatever the situation may be.”
 Tim Taylor
Crews Control, LLC
There is no question that all construction projects have the potential to be hazardous, but the daily demand of utility workers can be extremely challenging. For instance, many utility workers must perform their duties in extreme circumstances, including pouring rain, wind, sleet, the dark of night – often positioned high near the treetops, in remote areas, or underground. These workers themselves are regularly faced with serious risks as they perform their duties, often in questionable environments or confined environments served up by Mother Nature. Safety becomes extremely important, as any worker or pedestrian could be seconds away from potential injury – even death – if the proper procedures are not observed. Failure to identify and plan for an accident on the job is a recipe for a workplace accident. Safety procedures, as outlined by OSHA, are critical to protect utility workers from such hazards.

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The team at Crews Control understands how to work with utilities and these unique circumstances. They are trained to provide the necessary flagging assistance under any difficult environment. Our scheduling team is available around the clock to respond immediately to any emergency need. We are well known for our responsiveness, and our ability to adapt to the situation at hand, whatever it may be.